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" (4 stars = great!)
I haven't found any problems once I got it working!!! A lot for a lite version of a software product."

Lucian Reynolds, James Madison University)
"A year ago we were drowning in email, not to mention sometimes missing messages. Then we tried a free low performance discussion forum, which drove us all crazy. Thank god we finally found the functionality of your $99 panFora. It's perfect."
"Never mind that we tried lots of discussion forums once we decided to build a virtual community online. Thank you wiTHinc for panFora. It was worth the wait!"
"The ability to upload student pictures, gives PanFora the wonderful dimension of "community".
Students can easily associate the face (the person) and the comments.
ESL students love the fact that they can edit their comments after they have posted them. They don't feel that a quickly posted message with grammar mistakes is "chiseled in stone".
It's less embarrassing and risky."

faculty member using panFora at the College of San Mateo, CA
"Knowledge workers world-wide are challenged to share files and discussion issues with collaborators in an effective integrated archival on-line environment. panFora is wiTHinc's tested answer. Collaboration efficiency and its direct impact on the corporate bottom line are more important today than ever before, so we've made our high end business and community collaboration solution accessible to everyone, families, non-profit organizations, and small businesses."
"Panfora is working very well! The layout provides a good way to coordinate the online classwork."

faculty member using panFora at the College of San Mateo, CA
"So many choices, lots of flexibility, and yet [panFora is] easy to use!"

Jaha Nummi (Innovation Management Institute, Helsinki University of Technology, Finland)
"Sharing ideas is at the crux of innovation, and while no one enjoys learning new software, panFora allows you to quickly and easily customize your forum however you like."
"I really like panFora. Features I am happiest with - let's see:
  • Being able to view the 'new' messages
  • Being able to view messages by author
  • Being able to send emails to one, two, or all groups.
  • Option to email posts to everyone - or the sender.
  • Being able to upload the membership list
  • Being able to allow students to register and create their account
I could go on and on. I have found that the 'admin' tools are quite intuitive.

Comparing panFora to other discussion boards - panFora is way ahead as other boards may have several of the features but not all the features that panFora has."

faculty member using panFora at the College of San Mateo, CA


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