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panFora QuestionDo I need to install special software everywhere in order to use panFora?

AnswerNo special equipment is needed for panFora users; any of the standard supported web browsers (most likely already installed) on the users' network connected machines will do. For system administrators wishing to offer panFora, a networked server running one of panFora's supported operating system platforms (see system requirements) and web server software will be required. If you have a special hardware/software platform from which you would like to offer panFora, that is not currently supported, please contact consulting@withinc.com

QuestionWhat is the process for getting a panFora discussion forum?

AnswerYou can either purchase a license for panFora online, or wiTHinc can host your panFora discussion forum for only $50 a month, by your contacting sales@withinc.com.

QuestionWhat version of panFora should I download?

AnswerThe distribution files specific to your particular platform for panFora Lite, Personal, Basic, Plus, or even the Pro are all the same. It is also the same as the evaluation version.
You determine the version of panFora you want to run by entering the respective license key:
  • Enter no license key and you will be have the EVAL (evaluation) version of panFora.
  • Enter the Free license key for panFora Lite and you will have panFora LITE.
  • Enter the purchased license key for panFora Personal and you will have panFora PERSONAL;
  • and so on...
  • Upgrades are easy, just purchase and enter the new license key.
QuestionHow do I know if there is a new version of panFora?

AnswerCheck the change log file for the latest versions available, or register for notification mailing list.
Registered members can check their mailing list status here.

QuestionWhat is the process to set up panFora? What do you have to do, and what do I have to do?

AnswerYou can have your panFora set and running very quickly. Below are the steps you need to follow:
  1. You will register for your license,
  2. You will download the panFora distribution file for your server platform,
  3. wiTHinc will send you the requested license key via email
  4. You will install the panFora software on your server machine (10-20 minutes)
  5. When prompted in the installation process, you will enter the license key information you received from wiTHinc via email to enable your chosen version of panFora.
QuestionI purchased my panFora and I received a "temporary" license, valid only for 14 days. What does that mean?

AnswerTo receive your permanent license (*) you need to:
  • provide your server IP Address.
  • Do this at any time by clicking the Members link above.
(*) Each License Key is only valid for the ip address of your designated web server.
It is perfectly OK if you have not decided on the server's exact or final IP address.
Upon purchase, you will receive a temporary license key that is valid for 14 days at any IP address. The temporary license allows you to install and enjoy the full capability of your panFora purchase without delay.
Then at your leisure, with your confirmed customer account login information and your server's intended IP address, you can request a purchased license key at the wiTHinc website.
Installation of the purchased license key will enable you to fully utilize your panFora without further time restraints. If you have reason to move your web server to a different ip address, you may return to the wiTHinc website to request issuance of a new license key.

QuestionDoes wiTHinc offer a remote hosting solution for those who want to use panFora but don't have a server, and whose ISP won't allow external programs to be installed?

AnswerYes, order our panFora hosting service.

QuestionWhat does panFora do that's better than, or not possible by, just conference calls if we need to talk, or just e-mail? i.e. what else will panFora enable my group to do?

AnswerBy using panFora, communications within your group or community can be made more efficient. You do not need to schedule a coincidental, mutually available meeting time for the group, as required for a conference call or face-to-face meeting. All communications in panFora are written, shared, archived for ready re-access by all participants, present and future. Email can be easily misdirected, lost, or deleted. Email tends to be private property, so information sharing is haphazard at best.

QuestionHow do I submit a question?

AnswerJust ask us and your question will be posted automatically on the Tech Support Forum, where our staff will get to it asap.
View your question on the Tech Support Forum.
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