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Products FAQ
panForaGX panFora-GX for Knowledge Management For more information and to purchase panFora-GX, contact sales@withinc.com


In simple terms, groups of people using a system such as panFora-GX are linked electronically into a collaborative knowledge network (CKN) and are able to collaborate freely and more effectively than in traditional structures. Taking advantage of connectivity, people are able to engage in rapid knowledge sharing, and so manage the glut of information. Using panFora-GX, employees are able to prioritize, synthesize, and transform information into more meaningful, useful knowledge. For unlike information, knowledge is context specific, relational, and dynamic.

Advanced collaboration software, wiTHinc's panFora-GX is a flexible web-based server platform that provides an environment for:
  1. Rich threaded group discussions.
  2. Integrated search indexing of text messages,
  3. Easy document sharing,
  4. Flexible email notifications,
  5. State of the art, multi-framed navigation,
  6. Configurable group based access permissions for container folders and topics.
Now that we're living in the Knowledge Economy, and businesses depend more than ever on information technology to streamline operations, a web-based application such as panFora-GX can providing solutions to many of the knowledge management complexities of organizations.

Using panFora-GX for Knowledge Management (KM), companies can:
  • Save time and increase productivity and efficiency,
  • Reduce lost knowledge and presumably improve outcomes,
  • Reduce outsourcing and provide seamless implementation,
  • Foster team solutions, and
  • Add value to your intellectual assets (Employees).
Benefits of panFora-GX:

Knowledge Management is not just a way to reduce the number of personnel needed, but critical when business picks up quickly, say after an earthquake, when you can't possibly hire and train people fast enough to deal with the flooded switchboard -- not even by putting people calling on hold.

One of the Pillars of KM is collaboration. Use of panFora-GX allows for efficient collaboration, enabling the experts to come to consensus more rapidly than convening a face-to-face meeting. The proper use of panFora-GX to support even tough calls ensures that answers based on shared knowledge come up quickly and are far more likely to be correct. The paybacks from a committed investment in KM systems and technology go beyond controlling escalating support costs. They also involve an increase in customer satisfaction.

Another Pillar of KM is expertise -- centralizing it, accessing it, sharing it, and using it. Using a KM technology such as panFora-GX, it is possible for individuals to quickly and easily collaborate with those in the company with expertise in an area, in order to provide the best possible care that results from leveraging in-house expertise.

As a result, proper deployment and use of panFora-GX as a KM tool promises a substantial payback. Not only can organizations do more with the same or fewer resources, but they can deliver a better quality of service.

The use of panFora-GX in a Hospital, for example:
The application of a tool such as panFora-GX can be used to provide clinical knowledge management for the hospital, using an information retrieval system that will aid the hospital's cross-functional teams (including nurses, doctors and pharmacists, for example) in assisting patients.

Using panFora-GX to Foster New Habits:
Knowledge management is about people, not technology. People have to take time out of their busy day and be given explicit rewards to share information. Using panFora-GX, organizations can foster an environment that rewards interpersonal sharing of information, including a directory of who to talk to, and who is an expert in what field. For if KM is not just going to continue, but to thrive, it is crucial to address the larger issue of KM, which is not the technology, but the necessary organizational and behavioral change.

To quote from the article: "When Bad Things Happen to Good Ideas" "Technology is only a small part of what's overwhelmingly a cultural endeavor, experts say. Before you even touch issues of technology, you need to figure out what types of knowledge your employees need to share and how to coax them into sharing. If you lead with technology, "KM is a bust" will be a self-fulfilling prophecy. But this doesn't mean KM is a worthless concept. There are real business reasons - like increased productivity, worker collaboration and shorter product development cycles - to keep track of who knows what."

Companies whose people talk to one another produce happier customers than companies that do not. Or, put another way, ideas are worth more when a lot of people know them.

panFora-GX to Foster a Community:
Cyberspace is full of "virtual communities" -- groups of people linked by common interests, in which you're as likely to exchange views with someone in Australia as with a person living down the street.

panFora-GX fosters the old-fashioned kind of community -- a network enhancing the efforts of employees already grappling with a myriad of problems. Used by a company, panFora-GX can lay a virtual environment over real geographic places, supplementing existing connections between people, departments and programs with an electronic one.

panFora-GX produces a web of communication patterns that resemble those one already finds in the community, which gives managers and leaders a reason to use the technology, apart from mere curiosity.

For more information and to purchase panFora-GX, contact sales@withinc.com
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